Stand Alone Illustrations


Paul Meets Babe - Student Work

This piece was created for an assignment from college, in which we had to choose a tale from American folklore to illustrate. I knew I wanted to depict Paul and his partner babe, but I had to pour though many stories before settling on the one you see above – the one where Paul meets Babe for the first time.



Halloween Social Graphic

I created this illustration for WhiteSpace Creative's Facebook page in celebration of Halloween. I was given no direction, so I used my illustration skills to create a scene with my favorite parts of Halloween – jack-o-lanterns and black cats. 


Child Abuse Editorial – Student Work

This subject was selected from a provided list of topics for a class assignment. I wanted to address the many types of abuse that happen against children, without profiling the abuser. I also wanted to emphasize innocence of children through color choice and style.